Screencast: Collaboration Update and A Look Inside A Special Needs Cheerleading Program

Hey cheerleaders and cheerleading fans!

Welcome back to All Things Cheer. Today I have for you guys a video talking more about the collaboration I was apart of with  Flying Knee MMADkeller Fitness & Lifestyle, and Womens Soccer Around The World and the nonprofit organization Athletes Helping Athletes. Back when I was a high school cheerleader I was involved in Pathways for Exceptional Children, a program that was locally run and involved special needs in sports and activities from the elementary level to the high school level. Much like Athletes Helping Athletes, Pathways is a smaller program that spreads awareness about involving special needs children in activities that they never thought they would be able to be apart of. I was able to take my cheerleading skills and share them with special needs high school students who wanted to be apart of our team. It was fun, rewarding, and so special to make these girls apart of the cheerleading team.

Through our collaboration we are able to talk about awareness for including special needs children in activities and sports and show you all how we are involved in programs greater than ourselves which make a difference in peoples lives. Check out my collaborators sites to see their posts about what they are talking about related to Athletes Helping Athletes.

Check back for a special post regarding Dkeller Fitness & Lifestyle video about how much of an impact fitness and health role models have on growing and aspiring athletes.



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